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  misc comp 2013  

All pieces are for sale.
All pieces are signed, numbered and Limited Edition.
The process begins with hand-drawn pen, ink, & paper, and ends as an archival matte print.

BAMchic31 BAMchic30RWB3 BAMchic30RWB2a BAMchic30RWB1
BAMchicEight BAMchicTwenty comp BAMchicTwenty comp BAMchic29classic
BAMchic29classicRerv BAMchic29whitehot BAMchic29classicToo BAMchic28a
BAMchic28 BAMchic27 BAMchic26 BAMchic25
BAMchic24 BAMchic23 BAMchic22 BAMchic21
BAMchic20 BAMchic19 BAMchic18 BAMchic17
BAMchic16 BAMchic15 BAMchic14 BAMchic13
BAMchic12 BAMchic11 BAMchic10 BAMchic9
BAMchic8 BAMchic7 BAMchic6 BAMchic5
BAMchic1 BAMchic2 BAMchic3 BAMchic4
All images are original, for sale, and the property of David J Diamant © 2013