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  misc comp 2013  

All pieces are for sale.
All pieces are signed, numbered and Limited Edition.
The process begins with hand-drawn pen, ink, & paper, and ends as an archival matte print.

iwantmyARTinyourhome flying tracks on my mind flydivefly swimfly
flyflydive dive fly don't climb fly climb
kitty might scratch don't climb climb untitled 11.06.2013
robot me gone door guitaRED looking past prisons
Funk Zone Map Mural Pianos On State - piano now resides at Aveline Wine Co. in the Funk Zone SBCA "Wrecking Ball" wine label for Port available at Avelina Wine Co. Apparel coming coon from Santa Barbara Guitar Bar
yes or no signals gonetinside bring it
bring it diffusion of innovations diffusion of innovations who is the little bird
bloom and fly cackle haunt bring it
catch'em journey to leadbetter surfbrain leadbetter 101-north
101-north wolves tuggin' wolves tuggin' how many sips does it take?
kepp me out - let me in how many sips does it take? how many sips does it take? how many sips does it take?
gen-dem 1 gen-dem 2 prime 1 travelling by night how many sips does it take?
spiked shoping at sunset this is how tuesday looked twist it altar-ed
girlie1 girlie2 girlie3 girlie3
spin 1 spin 2 spin 3 spin 4
neighborhood speak Flag Heart Flag Brain Labor Day 2013 (1)
Labor Day 2013 (2) Labor Day 2013 (3) Labor Day 2013 (3 -detail 1) Labor Day 2013 (3)
Adios Fiesta 2013 Untitled 133 neighborhood speak mirror mirror 5 coast
mirror mirror 5 coast mirror mirror 5 coast mirror mirror 5 coast mirror mirror 5 coast
mirror mirror 5 coast mirror mirror 6 mtn lake mirror mirror 7 mtn lake mirror mirror 8 coast
mirror mirror 1 mirror mirror 2 mirror mirror 3 mirror mirror 4
BAMchic30-RWB3 BAMchic30-RWB2 BAMchic30-RWB1 Tahoe-ish July 4th
"Travel Machine 3" "Travel Machine 2" "Travel Machine 1" or "Get Outside! 1" Tahoe 3 - emerald bay
Tahoe 1 - emerald bay Tahoe 2 - emerald bay Viva Robotico 25cube Viva Robotico 19
Viva Robotico 18 Viva Robotico 17 Viva Robotico 22 Viva Robotico 15
Viva Robotico 9cube Viva Robotico 14 Viva Robotico 13 Viva Robotico 25
Viva Robotico 11 Viva Robotico 10 Viva Robotico 9 Viva Robotico quad colors4a
Viva Robotico 8 Viva Robotico 20 BAMchic-Primavera-Invierno Viva Robotico 6
Viva Robotico 6 Viva Robotico 5a Viva Robotico 5quad Viva Robotico quad color
Viva Robotico 1ee Viva Robotico 2ee quad Viva Robotico 3ee Viva Robotico 3 quad
BAMchicSixteenComp BAMchic15 BAMchic21 BAMchic9
BAMchic20 BAMchic17 BAMchic13 BAMchic1
Dusky II ("No Tickets!") Extinct Penelope VI Fill It Up Extinct Penelope
Extinct Penelope II Extinct Penelope IV Extinct Penelope V Turn It On II
Turn It On I Turn It On VI Turn It On V Turn It On XII
Tiny Bubbles Emerge Back I Dusky I ("No Tickets!") Inside Egg The Good Slip
The Good SlipII The Good Slip III Heard Angels All Day I Heard Angels All Day II
Heard Angels All Day III Emerge I Dreamt About Cupcakes Untitled02222013a
Walk A Mile Walk A Mile Looking Out Wispy & His Brother
Plato I Plato 2 Plato 3 Plato 4
Plato 5 Plato 6 MOODHEAD 81 comp MOODHEAD COMP 4
Weathered Sunset 1 Weathered Sunset 2 Surf Brain I Surf Brain III
Surf Brain VI Surf Brain XV Surf Brain XVIII Surf Brain XIV
Surf Brain XXI Surf Brain VIII Surf Brain XXII Surf Brain XII
Lobero Bloom Saint Vibrate Focus-II-what-we-see Focus-II-what-is-happening
Focus I Focus III Focus IV Event Horizon
Residue Memorial II Residue Memorial Residue Memorial III Untitled 1125
All images are original, for sale, and the property of David J Diamant © 2013